From the chair

The 2010 Kirkstall Festival will take place on Saturday 10th July in the picturesque grounds of the 12th Century Kirkstall Abbey.

Once again I would like to welcome you to our annual community festival. It’s hard to believe this is our 30th annual festival. Over the years we have all seen many changes in our lives and this also applies to the Festival.

This is my 10th year as Chair of the Community Association and Festival Committee and over this period I have seen the Festival become a significant part of the Kirkstall summer calendar. From its beginning in 1980 the Festival was always popular and each year that passed the size and content of the festival increased. We can thank the original Festival Committee for this, they outlined a basic formulae that we still follow today. Kirkstall Festival is our community festival and as such is for the entertainment of the whole family, from toddlers to grandparents and we will always endeavour to involve schools and local groups to take part.

Of course over 30 years we have changes on the Committee and this helps to keep things fresh and moving forward. On our present committee we have several members who are shall we say approaching maturity!

We are therefore looking to our younger members of the Committee to take us on for another 30 years though I don’t think I will see the 60th! If you are daft, eccentric, a little odd, can blend into a crowd and have failed on “Britain’s got Talent” or “The X Factor” then introduce yourself at the Information Point, we can use you on the Committee.

I am pleased to be involved with this motley crew who over the years have become good friends. I am proud of the results they achieve.

All our Committee are volunteers and it is they who put together this Festival. I know some people think the Council are involved in the organisation and running of the festival but they have no involvement whatsoever. The Festival takes place on Council owned grounds and we are obliged to follow statutory regulations on running an event of this size. That said we have always found the Council co-operative in any requests we have made.

As I write this in my room in a secure institution in inner Kirkstall I am hoping that you are reading this in bright sunshine in the beautiful grounds of Kirkstall Abbey. If let out I will be there to enjoy the day with you, please have a good day out and please be safe.

John ‘clint’ Liversedge

KVCA is a registered charity No: 507822