2014 Stall Bookings are now CLOSED

posted 23 Mar 2014, 08:46 by Steve Harris   [ updated 4 Mar 2015, 07:18 ]

Stall bookings for the 2014 festival are now CLOSED - we are FULL !!

Last year’s Festival was a resounding success with an estimated 20,000 visitors attending throughout the day.

As usual the safety of all of our visitors, the many stallholders and other participants is paramount. Please note that again we had some unauthorised vehicle parking and movement of vehicles within the site during the event. You must arrive early to set up your stalls and we encourage use of the free car park just across the road. Disabled drivers are able to park just inside the entrance gate. Please follow our marshalls instructions at all times. If you wish to be in the same area as last year please state on your form. As regular stall holders are aware we actually allow 3 metres width per stall and this year ALL additional frontage will be charged at the same rate.

Leeds Inspired: Momentous

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Light Night

Filming at

Kirkstall Festival

13 July 2013

Leeds Inspired ( will be at Kirkstall Festival with our pop up green screen to film festival goers, stall holders, performers and anyone else who want to be part of ‘Momentous’, a large scale projection that will transform the entire façade of Civic Hall into an animated mechanical clock for 3 nights in early October (it will form the centrepiece to this year’s Light Night).

LI Green Screen
For the artwork to be possible we want to film you against a green screen background (see right) enacting repeated movements, a little like miming an action in charades, that will be woven together to create a whole building of moving clockwork people. Each movement triggers another across the building, and the movements will in some way represent you or your organisation - if you are a cricket team we want to film you bowling and hitting the ball, if you have an allotment perhaps it’s the action of digging, if you are dancers we want you twirling or kicking or jumping etc... or simple actions from your daily lives - waking up in the morning, making a cup of tea, driving.

You will then feature in the projection, on the quarter hour people will be revealed and their movements form the activity shown - chain reactions from person to person. So a ball might be bounced by one person, to be deflected
by another putting up an umbrella, which in turn will drop water for someone tending their plants and so on.

Come and find us! Be part of Momentous.

Further details
It can take five minutes to film a simple single action, or we can spend longer working on a sequence of actions between a group of people.

Leeds inspired
‘Momentous’ builds on the rich history of renowned Leeds clock making family Potts of Leeds. Some of their clocks feature mechanical people designed to capture the attention of the public.

The projection will be created by Illuminos artists Matt and Rob Vale who have previously studied in the city at Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Leeds. To make sure that we include as many people as possible in the projection Matt and Rob will be filming at locations across the city throughout the summer.

Cloisters Comedy and Cabaret Club

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Pete White
New this year, Festival favourite and regular Pete White will act as compere to our Cloisters Comedy and Cabaret Club.

The line up includes:

This promises to be a roller coaster of laughs and thrills - it will have you grinning for the rest of the day.

2013 Stall Bookings Now Open

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Stall booking forms are now available for the 2013 Festival, Click '2013 Stall Bookings' under Navigation on the left.

For more information about stalls please contact Fiona, email Please remember all Kirkstall Festival organisers are volunteers working in their own time. (more contact details available in the Stall Application Pack)

Aikido Display

posted 12 Jul 2012, 16:06 by Steve Harris   [ updated 13 Jun 2013, 08:03 ]

Information on the Aikido Display has been updated.

Ground Inspection

posted 9 Jul 2012, 08:47 by Steve Harris   [ updated 3 Jul 2014, 03:25 ]

Inspection of the ground on the festival site for the heavier vehicles took place to day and we are good to go!

2012 Stall Booking Application Packs

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2012 Stall Booking Application Packs are now available here, book early to secure prime locations and avoid disappointment.

Bang On Drummers

posted 7 Jul 2011, 10:18 by Steve Harris   [ updated 3 Jul 2014, 03:24 ]

Sorry, I don't have any more information about this performance, if you have please comment below.


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Yoga for children conducted through adventure-led story telling. Lets hope the little dears don't get too tied up in knots.

Leeds Esprit Gymnastics Club

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Leeds Esprit Gymnastics Club founded in 2004 was originally based from within the sports facilities at Crawshaw High School in Pudsey - Leeds. As the club grew in size, it became impractical to assemble and disassemble the apparatus for each class and became constrained by the schools timetable, limiting the classes and times that could be offered.

In September 2007 Leeds Esprit Gymnastics Club moved to its current premises at Hough Top Court in Bramley - Leeds and is proud to be the first permanent dedicated gymnastics facility in West Leeds and the second in the whole of the city. With these dedicated facilities the club continues to grow and is able to offer a diverse range of classes and timetables catering for children of all ages from 8 weeks to late teens.

The club has been awarded with the GymMark accreditation from British Gymnastics which is the UK National Governing body for the sport of gymnastics, promoting a nationwide standard for safe, effective and childfriendly gymnastics clubs.

The club is actively involved with the creation of its own displays which has also included appearances at more open public events.

Competing regularly with teams representing both boys and girls, Leeds Esprit Gymnastics Club has quickly developed a good competitive reputation within the gymnastics field.

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