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Light Night

Filming at

Kirkstall Festival

13 July 2013

Leeds Inspired ( will be at Kirkstall Festival with our pop up green screen to film festival goers, stall holders, performers and anyone else who want to be part of ‘Momentous’, a large scale projection that will transform the entire façade of Civic Hall into an animated mechanical clock for 3 nights in early October (it will form the centrepiece to this year’s Light Night).

LI Green Screen
For the artwork to be possible we want to film you against a green screen background (see right) enacting repeated movements, a little like miming an action in charades, that will be woven together to create a whole building of moving clockwork people. Each movement triggers another across the building, and the movements will in some way represent you or your organisation - if you are a cricket team we want to film you bowling and hitting the ball, if you have an allotment perhaps it’s the action of digging, if you are dancers we want you twirling or kicking or jumping etc... or simple actions from your daily lives - waking up in the morning, making a cup of tea, driving.

You will then feature in the projection, on the quarter hour people will be revealed and their movements form the activity shown - chain reactions from person to person. So a ball might be bounced by one person, to be deflected
by another putting up an umbrella, which in turn will drop water for someone tending their plants and so on.

Come and find us! Be part of Momentous.

Further details
It can take five minutes to film a simple single action, or we can spend longer working on a sequence of actions between a group of people.

Leeds inspired
‘Momentous’ builds on the rich history of renowned Leeds clock making family Potts of Leeds. Some of their clocks feature mechanical people designed to capture the attention of the public.

The projection will be created by Illuminos artists Matt and Rob Vale who have previously studied in the city at Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Leeds. To make sure that we include as many people as possible in the projection Matt and Rob will be filming at locations across the city throughout the summer.