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Ninja Horses

posted 5 Jul 2010, 05:00 by Steve Harris   [ updated 14 May 2011, 10:48 ]
Out of the stables of former heavier bands galloped 3 ninjas. With talent, willing, beer and bravery in their lunch bags they ate together and became.....Ninja Horses! Ninja horses give a raw acoustic rock, country, blues vibe with galloping beats, running bass lines, funky guitar rhythms and powerful vocal harmonies. An act that will leave you so hungry, you'll be able to eat a whole (Ninja) Horse. Often found jamming around Hyde park on a sunny evening, Ninja Horses enjoy playing live, so feel free to get on the good hoof, pack up a lunch bag and join in the merriment. You won't regret it... (Anonymous) 2009.